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About Us

My day job is developing software for startups in the United States. When not coding I can be found out on the pitch working a game or helping students become referee's. was created in 2011 to help new students but it turns out to also help the very experience referee prepare to take the ref test each year. The questions come from actual test questions from multiple sources including FIFA, USSF and others. The site has evolved with the addition of Futsal in 2013. Today this site is used by thousands of people around the world who need to prepare to take the Referee exam including experienced higher level Referees.

Fun Facts: 10,624,885 is the number of questions answered by visitors since we went live. FIFA says there is 843,000 Referee's worldwide (Source). Worldwide FIFA lists 265 Million Players, 4 Million Coaches and an estimated 3 Billion Fans.

Here is what people are saying about us.
  • Canada "..There are a few head bashing against the wall questions but a good test of patience and deep though.." -

  • U.K. - "..been using for a while now. What was once an easy way of killing 5/10 minutes has turned into a bit of a challenge to beat my previous score..." -

  • U.S. - "..a great resource to TEST your soccer knowledge..." -

  • Scotland. - "..I did both the 10 question and 20 question test(several times) and I cannot believe how rusty I am..." -

  • U.S. - "..test your knowledge of the laws against game situations and receive immediate feedback on your answers..." - California

  • England - "..try the 20 question one. The one I did I only got 50% correct..." - Portsmouth FC

You are welcome to link to us on your websites and share us with your fellow referee's and friends and give them a challenge or two.

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